The Workplace Challenge (WPC) Programme is an initiative of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) whose aim is to improve the performance and increase the levels of productivity and competitiveness of South African firms.

The WPC programme directly supports the dti’s vision,which is of a South Africa that has a vibrant economy, characterised by growth, employment and equity, built on the full potential of all citizens.

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The WPC contributes to the strategic objectivesof the dti’sEmpowerment and Enterprise Development Division (EEDD). These objectivesinclude:

q   Theimprovement of Enterprise and Industrial Competitiveness:

·             World-class manufacturing: The Workplace Challenge directly assists enterprises to implement improvement practices for world-class competitiveness and best operating practices.

·             Modern technical infrastructure as a platform for competitiveness: The Workplace Challenge assists enterprises to understand constraints to productivity and competitiveness.

·             Skills and education:The Workplace Challenge seeks to develop the capacity of both employers and workers to make change happen within participating enterprises and to develop Change Facilitators in change-management processes.

q   Empowerment andEnterprise Development with a bias for Increasing the Chances of Success of Black Owned Entities:

·             The Workplace Challenge seeks to cluster small enterprises with larger well-established enterprises for purposes of networking and sharing information and lessons.

·             The Workplace Challenge has also successfully established clusters of small enterprises.

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