Improving enterprise competitivness

The Workplace Challenge (WPC) programme of Productivity SA is sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry (dti), of the Republic of South Africa. The programme is a means for South African organisations to improve their Competitiveness.


In some circles the programme is called a Continuous Improvement Programme; others call it Lean Manufacturing, Best Operating Practice, or World-class Competitiveness.


The programme is implemented over a two year period in industrial clusters, under the guidance of a dedicated WPC Change Facilitator, and involves small groups of enterprises in a process of implementing the basic principles of Continuous Improvement.


The basics include a World-class Management System, Goal Alignment, Cleaning & Organising (5S), Teamwork, Leadership and Green Productivity (Improving carbon, water, chemical, paper and human energy footprint). The cluster participants are also facilitated to share their lessons learnt and to learn from one another.

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