Purpose of WPC

The Workplace Challenge (WPC) programme of Productivity SA is sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry (dti), of the Republic of South Africa. The programme is a means for South African organisations to improve their Competitiveness. In some circles the programme is called a Continuous Improvement Programme; others call it Lean Manufacturing, Best Operating Practice, or World-class Competitiveness. The programme is implemented over a two year period in industrial clusters, under the guidance of a dedicated WPC Change Facilitator, and involves small groups of enterprises in a process of implementing the basic principles of Continuous Improvement. The basics include a World-class Management System, Goal Alignment, Cleaning & Organising (5S), Teamwork, and Leadership, as well as basic Cost / Productivity Improvement Techniques, Delivery / Speed Improvement Techniques and Quality Improvement Techniques. The cluster participants are also facilitated to share their lessons learnt and to learn from one another.

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